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Here you will find answers to most of your questions. If your question isn’t listed in this page, please feel free to contact support if you have any other questions – PrizePie Support.

Q. What is points?

A. Points it’s a currnecy that we used in For every person that clicked your ref link, you will get 1 point. For completing registrations you will get 10 points.

Q. How to get a lots of points?

A. The best way to get a lot of points as our customers proofed is :

1. Create a video about and upload it to YouTube. Don’t forget to leave your ref link in the description!

2.  Put the links everywhere you can: best working methods is to leave the link on related forums and chats rooms. In addition you can create a thread explaining what is is all about.

Q. How I will get the gift card or game tools if I will get all the points asked?

A.  After you collected the points, the product will become unlocked. On this page you will have to leave your email address and if you wanted to get the giftcard we will send it to your email or if you wanted PS4, we will contact you and ask about your address.

Q. How fast I will get my free Gift card or Game Key?

A.  You will recieve your gift card within 96 hours. Because first we have to verify that points were earning without cheating and following Terms and Conditions Page.

Q. Are you going to share any information that I’m leaving here?

A.  We will not share or sell any of your details. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Free Gift Codes

Free Gift Codes