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Our list of Leaked Fortnite skins includes all sorts of items that were once available, which are available now with the purchase of Battle Pass, Twitch Prime, Starter packs. Do not forget that the Fortnite store is updated every day, so keep your eyes open, because at any moment your favorite skin may become available in PrizePie too!

If you crave a victorious battle, then you need to look good. Fortnite offers a huge selection of skins, but the fact is that the in-game store changes its content every few days, making it difficult to track which outfits look better and which ones are worth buying. The awesome thing in PrizePie is that you don’t have to spend a dollar to get this new leaked fortnite skins because here you can just get them for free!

I excluded the skins from previous seasons, because Epic Games said they would not bring them back into the game. But still you can choose now from many top fortnite skins here to get them absolutely for free.

How to Get New Leaked Fortnite Skins For Free?

  1. Choose the fortnite skin that you want to get first.
  2. Click on the skin and check if you have enough points to get it.
  3. In case if you don’t have enough PrizePie Points you can just follow this page and earn some more. But if you already have enough points you can just request the skin you want and it will be transferred to your fortnite account within 24 hours.

P.S. If you don’t want to get just the skins you can always get free v-bucks. PrizePie offers also free fortnite v-bucks gift cards and free robux gift cards for your customers!

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